Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: The World’s Worst Striptease

Leading up to the Power of Veto show tomorrow night on CBS, we will not have any new Big Brother 13 Spoilers.

However on the Live Feeds, the game play is really starting to pick up in the house. Porsche finally realized that she is in the Big Brother 13 house and playing a game. She has started to speak up and is talking game all around the house.

The game talk is not the only excitement happening on the live feeds. Last night as Big Brother After Dark was going off the air, Adam and Porsche treated us live feed watchers to what I am calling the world’s worst striptease.

Brendon Gets Striptease by Porsche

The houseguests are preparting to give Brendon and Rachel a pretend wedding tonight, complete with a trashbag wedding gown for Rachel(feel free to insert your own joke here). Of course no good wedding is complete without a bachelor and bachelorette party. Hence the Adam and Porsche Striptease.

Lawon spent most of the day choreographing the strip dance. Porsche dressed in competetion milkman costume, I think she was supossed to be a cop though. She stripped for an over joyed Brendon who acted as if he was seeing boobs for the first time. Adam of course wore his Elf costume and stripped down to his undies for Rachel. I know, disgusting.

If you missed Adam and Porsche’s Striptease, I added come screen caps of the duo below. You can also flashback to any camera on the live feeds on August 1 at 10:58 PM.

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