Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations and Have Nots

Well Friday night brings us lots of Big Brother 13 Spoilers.  Last night on the live eviction show we learned who the week 5 HOH is and about the latest twist.  Tonight’s spoilers includes the nominations and have not competition results.

big brother 13 jeff yelling

Right before the nominations ceremony, Jeff and Jordan went up to the HOH to talk with Kalia.  She revealed to them that she planned to nominate Jeff and Rachel.  Jordan got furious and told Kalia that it was a stupid move to put up 2 strong players when there is a good chance that the evicted house guest will be coming back to the house.  Jordan then stormed out of the room leaving Kalia and Jeff to Hash it out.

I will let you get all the details of the fight on the Live Feeds using the Flashback feature to watch on 8/5 at 5:07 PM BBT on Cams 3 and 4.   Watch as Jeff tells Kalia that she is brainwashed, and that if he stays in the house, she will be his number one target.  Kalia insist that Rachel is her target, and that she is putting Jeff up because she knows he can win the POV.  The fight ends with Jeff walking out and telling Kalia that he will see her at the veto.

As of posting this at 7:00 PM BBT, Rachel is threatening to leave the house as a result of the nominatoins.  She just admited that she had to talk to the house psychatrist yesterday.  This is getting good folks. If you do not have the feeds yet, take advantage of the risk free 3-Day trial and sign up now>>

Big Brother 13 Spoiler – Week 5 Nomination Results

Jeff and Rachel are nominated for eviction.

Week 4 Have Nots and America’s Choice Results

America voted and the have not food for the week is Catfish and Coconuts.

The have nots will be Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachel.

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