Big Brother 14 Cast Pre-Season Bikini and Shirtless Photos

Every season of Big Brother we have a Bikini and Shirtless page that has screencaps of houseguests laying around the backyard on the Live Feeds.  Obviously the season has not started so the best we can do for now are some pictures we found around the interwebs.

Other than the group photo Kara, Danielle, JoJo, and Shane are the only Big Brother 14 houseguests we could find so far, but make sure you check on Friday and Saturday as we post lots of screencaps of the housegeusts around the pool!

Update: We have confirmed that the lovely Britney from Big Brother 12 will be in the house this summer so check out these Britney bikini pictures as well.

Just thought we would give you a little taste at what we get to watch all summer uncensored on the live feeds.  Have you signed up yet?  Do it now>>


Big Brother 14 Nude Feeds

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  1. chicago bears fan July 12, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    hoping not to see jessi again!!


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