Big Brother 15 Live Feed First Night Highlights and Screencaps

The live feeds came on last night and the action got started quickly.  We learned a couple of major spoilers right away and then the fun started. Big Brother 15 fashion show, some skin and a love triangle…OH MY!

  • McCrae has deals with most of the house, he is playing a dangerous game.
  • There may be a guy alliance called “The Moving Company” which includes; Nick, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and Jeremy.
  • Kaitlin, Aaryn, and Jessie make mention of working together as well. That is falling apart quickly. You know, cattiness prevails in the Big Brother house. Always.
  • The girls decide to put on a fashion show, which turns into a pageant lead by the annoying voiced Candice. David and McCrae participate. David in a dress, McCrae as a super nerd, a stretch I know. Helen wins.
  • Kaitlin refused to participate. We later find out why. She did not want to show up Jessie and make her feel bad for not being as hot as her. Wow.
  • Aaryn seems to our most paranoid cat. Going crazy about the possibility of being nominated by the MVP. Calm it girl, still early. She is also annoyed that everyone else is not as smart as her about the game.
  • Aaryn and David flirt a lot and might be an item.  Stayed tuned.
  • There have been several mentions of fights, both involving Elissa and other girls. That might explain why she is so quiet on the first night of feeds.
  • Amanda constantly trying to entertain the house. Lot’s of wise cracks and skits. Sometimes I laugh.
  • Nick seems to think he is actually HOH instead of McCrae. A plan is in place to backdoor Elissa if the chance arises.
  • This cast doe not seem to be shy. Kaitlin is parading around in tiny black shorts, Aaryn changes showing her bra, and Amanda gets out of bed in ONLY her panties (FB Time: 6/27 12:45am Cam 2). Great time to have the live feeds.
  • Now to my favorite highlight of the night. The love triangle. The three sides includes Jeremy, Jessie and Kaitlin. Apparently Jessie claimed him first and was doing all the cuddling with him. Jessie gets nominated, and then Jeremy starts cuddle marathons with Kaitlin. This sends Jessie over the edge and she has tell anyone that will listen how upset she is. Not sure how this will end up, but as I type this, Jeremy and Kaitlin are in bed together.

This is going to be fun. If you do not have the live feeds, you are crazy. Look at all this action in just a few hours. Take the plunge and try the free trial now.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Screen Caps Night 1 (Click for Larger)

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