Big Brother 15 Live Feed Updates – Week 1 Weekend Edition

I have to admit, this cast wears me out. It has only been 4 days, and I feel like I have been watching this crew on the feeds for weeks. I am not sure how I will do this all summer. Wish me luck.

There has been a lot of crazy things happening in the house since my last live feed highlights post, I will do my best to give you the important stuff here. Like I said, these folks are crazy, I can’t possibly cover it all, so I suggest getting the Live Feeds and watching yourself.

Keep checking back today as I will update this post with more goodies, better yet follow me on twitter @IHateBigBrother to get the updates faster.

Feed Updates

Spoiler Update: First a quick run down the Big Brother 15 Spoilers as we know them. McCrae is HOH. Elissa is MVP. Jessie,  David, and Elissa are nominated. Candice was nominated but was saved by the POV and replaced with Elissa.

Hot Bods: Most of Friday and Saturday was spent around the pool and hottub. Lots of time spent shirtless and in bikinis. Say what you will about this crew, most are easy on the eyes. Lucky for you, I have a link where you can see them all showing off.

Showmance Status: We have known about Jeremy/Kaitlin and Aaryn/David.  The latest and most sexually active showmance so far is between Amanda and McCrae. Yes you read that right. Friday night was handy night and last night they did the deed.

Who’s Leaving: As I type this the target seems to be on David’s back. It is still very early and I expect this to change several times. When all is said and done, my gut tells me it is will either be David or Jessie send packing.

Alliance Status: I do not even know where to begin. It is early, and each person seems to be in several alliances. There is one alliance of 8 people. Yeah that will hold together. The strongest alliance so far seems to be one called The Moving Company; which is Jeremy, Howard, Nick, McCrae and Spencer. Another and not as strong is the Boats and Hoes alliance of David, Aaryn, Jeremy, and Kaitlin (maybe one more?). Jeremy has made it clear several times with his actions that he is more loyal to the TMC alliance.

BB Bigotry: I am going to be careful on how I cover this until I have actually watched all the flashbacks myself, but going by Twitter it appears that the several houseguests are complete bigots. An ugly night of homophobia, racism, and misogyny. I suggest  you use the Flashback feature of the feeds at about 1 AM BBT on 6/30 and judge for yourself.

Ignorance: On that note, I do have one Flashback time for you, little Miss Aaryn shows her nasty side when she says about Helen, “shut up and go make rice”. GinaMarie follows up Aaryn’s comment with a suggestion to make Helen’s “eyes straight”, Kaitlin says “rude” and GinaMarie responds with “funny”.  Wow, they suck. (Flashback Time: 6/30 1:14AM BBT Cams 3 & 4) Updated: Andrea over at Zap2IT breaks down all the ignorance that has went down really well.

To watch the flashbacks, you need the live feeds. Let’s face it, that is where the real show happens anyways. Take advantage of the free trial and give it a shot. Click to sign up now>>

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Screencaps (Click for Larger View)


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  1. Anonymous July 1, 2013 at 12:46 am #

    so glad it’s back

  2. phasung July 6, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    why are this people making racial slur on other race don’t they know is prohibited.
    as specially ginamarie zimmerman did she go to all white school in texas now she is out of work i hope nobody wil hire her dumb bitch it made very mad why i guest some white people like her don’t she know if she go back to school what other race going to do her for making that comment.
    ginamarie you on the hateful list person in texas you make states of texas look like a piecesshit don’t you know who fight for this country all diffrence race white black asian every other race to make this safer for you and me and rest of the world

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