Big Brother 15 Spoilers, Feed Updates & Naughty Kaitlin

We are back with rundown of the latest BB15 spoilers, som Live Feeds highlights and a few uncensored flashback times of Kaitlin. As you know, we do not give you a second by second break down of the feeds like other sites, but we give you the details that matter.

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Big Brother 15 Updates

  • Helen is HOH and on a complete power trip. She has made deals with everyone in the house. She continues to berate Spencer and Howard for hours on end for the not being loyal to her. They along with everyone else have sworn their loyalty.
  • None these deals Helen makes will mean crap next week. No one ever sticks to a deal made under gunpoint. Ask Aaryn and Jeremy how all of those deals they made last week worked out for them.
  • What is up with Helen’s loud talking and constant fake crying in the HOH room? I hate everyone when they are HOH.
  • Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin. Neither were meant to be the real target.
  • Have nots “won” grapefruit and guacamole for the America’s Choice food. The have nots are McCrae, Amanda, Jessie and Judd.
  • Howard and Candice continue to get closer, showmance in the works for sure. Candice claims to be loyal to the mom squad but will try to protect Howard if possible.
  • Elissa is the MVP for the 3rd week in a row. As long as this fail of a twist continues, there will be no real swings of power in the house, which is the fun of the show. The mom squad will pick everyone off until we are left with a snooze fest of a show. Just put this twist out of its misery.
  • Elissa nominated Spencer with the MVP. Everyone else wanted her to nominate Howard, because he is “sketchy”. Elissa refused. She later mentioned that production encouraged her not to nominate him.
  • McCrae is telling everyone he is the MVP. I think this is stupid, but whatever.
  • Kaitlin won the POV. She will use it to save herself. Helen will put up her boo, Jeremy. Right now Jeremy is going home, I do not see that changing, but you never know. Lot’s of water works from Kaitlin over having to send her lover boy home. Sweet, sweet tears.
  • The POV was a timed competition that involved a trampoline and memorizing images of the houseguests.
  • Day 2 without Nick and GinaMarie still goes into random meltdowns. She basically has not taken off his hat or let his other belongings leave her side since he got evicted. Lots of mourning over a guy she has known for less than a month and has done no more than hugged a few times. I really cannot deal with her.
  • Andy continues to “Feed Bomb” as @HamsterWatch calls it. It seems like anytime someone is talking game, up pops Andy out of no where. Last night on the feeds he admitted to placing his belongings in every room of the house so that he always has an excuse to barge into a room.
  • Spencer talked Aaryn about her racist remarks and actions,she again denied being racist or saying inappropriate things. She did cry a few times. She continues to talk about how she is persecuted for being a pretty blonde. No, I am not kidding. I still think she will never take personal responsibility for anything in her life.

Big Brother Uncensored

In celebration of Katilin winning HOH and possibly sending that lug Jeremy home. Her here are some naughty flashback moments of her for you to enjoy.

  • Kaitlin Moons Camera (7/9/13 – 2:47 PM CAM 1)
  • Kaitlin Nip Slip Video (7/4/13 – 11:03 PM – CAM 1)
  • Kaitlin Mooning Video Again (7/9/13 – 12:47 PM – CAM 1)

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Screencaps (Click for Larger View)


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