Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Week 1 POV Ceremony Results

The first POV ceremony of Big Brother 15 we was held today. Head of Household McCrae won the POV earlier. McCrae could either leave the nominations the same or remove either Candice or Jessie from the block. If he chose to remove one of the nominees, as HOH, he would have to replace them with another houseguest.

Elissa Nominiated with POV

Big Brother 15 Spoiler – Week 1 POV Ceremony Results

McCrae used the POV to save Candice. The MVP Elissa is the replacement nominee.

No shocker here. He is “going with the will of the house” in putting up Elissa. Which really is not really the will of the house, as the plan is to actually vote out David at this point. Confusing I know. It is only Saturday, so there is a lot of time for this to change.

In other news…Amanda gave McCrae a handy last night on the live feeds and this cast is as crazy as ever. Here are just a couple select quotes from the last day.

“…the night before I came here, I slept with one of my friend’s mom, it was awesome” – Jeremy

“Making out with girls is better than making out with random guys” -Kaitlin

Big Brother Uncensored: David let it “all hang out” on the live feeds this afternoon. Use the live feed flashback feature to see for yourself. (Flashback Time: 6/29 2:21PM BBT Cam 3)

If you do not have the live feeds this season, you are crazy.  Here is a link the a feeds for a free trial, sign up now.

Live Feed Screencaps from Saturday (Click for Larger View)


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