Big Brother 15 Wrap-up: Bye Bye Jeremy, Naughty Candice & Howard

Sorry for the lack of updates.  It has been a really slow few days in the Big Brother 15 house. Other than a little spat between Candice and Jeremy after the POV ceremony on Monday, the kiddies have been playing nice. Good for them, but bad for my entertainment.

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Big Brother 15 Updates

  • Helen has a bad case of HOHitis. She has let the power go to head as most HOH holders do. She has planned out the votes for the rest of the season and made deals with everyone in the house.
  • CBS posted Helen’s HOH blog, I think it is a snooze fest, but you can decide for yourself.
  • Helen pointed out that she is trying to get the girls have fun and not fight. I hate her for that too. Drama is good. She had a Jersey dance party night and hosted a lame “nail party” this week.
  • Jeremy is going home this week. I will give him credit for continuing to campaign to stay, but it is a lost cause. This afternoon his girlfriend Kaitlin is on the the act trying to convince others to keep him and vote out her pal Aaryn. Not happening.
  • Howard and Candice’s romance continues to heat up. As with most of the relationships this season, she seems more into him then he is into her. We will see where this one goes.
  • I am hoping they put the MVP twist out of it’s misery after this week. I am ready to get back to a pure big brother game and big swings in power.
  • Outside of the showmance folks, I do not think there are any strong alliance in the house at this point. Once we get a new HOH, I think new sides will start to form again. It is no fun when everyone gets along.

Big Brother Uncensored

We will dedicated this uncensored section to the happy new couple of Howard and Candice showing a little skin:

  • Howard flashes his wag (7/16 at 2:29:55 AM Cam 2)
  • Candice flashes in the shower  (7/15 2:03 AM Cam 3)

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Screencaps (Click for Larger View)


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  1. Anonymous July 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    Can’t find Candice’s flash…is it the right time listed?

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