Big Brother 15 Wrap-up: POV Punishments Start, Aaryn & Jessie Nip Slips

I am happy to report that this week in the Big Brother 15 house has been a bit more lively compared to last week. Here is a run down of all the latest happenings over the last few days along with some slip ups from Aaryn and Jessie.

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Big Brother 15 Updates

  • So far Judd has been a good HOH. Not too much HOHitis has slipped in and he seems to be doing his own thing. Amanda tried to push for Howard again, but he stuck with the mean girls.
  • The houseguests are still trying to figure out who the MVP is after Elissa was put on the block. They are starting to come around to the idea that America may have voted for the third nomination this week. This should all get more interesting when we find our who the renom is once Elissa uses the POV to save herself.
  • As part of the POV competition Judd is in solitary confinement for 24 hours. It is a crappy deal for him. Every 9 minutes an alarm sounds and the only way for him to turn it off is to hit the snooze button. He also has to use a porta-pot as his bathroom and can only have bread, water, and slop. You can see some screenshoot of temporary home below.
  • Last night in the HOH room, Elissa had Amanda wrap her up in plastic wrap to help her sweat more while she did a yoga show in front of the others. This lead to them both doing plastic wrap mask on their face. I am pretty sure there is some guy with this fetish, I hope he enjoyed it.
  • Yesterday was McCrae’s 24th birthday. The HGs decided to throw a party for him. This mostly entailed Amanda doing a striptease for him, which ended in her crying thanks to Elissa. Get the flashback details and screencaps of the night here.
  • Helen was not able to defuse the Elissa and Amanda situation like normal because she has an 8 PM curfew from the POV comp. From 8pm-5am she can’t talk or eat and has to wear an eye mask in bed. I am not sure how long it last, but she has it again tonight. Her curfew is for 2 nights.
  • I still do not get a sense of any one strong alliance in the BB15 house other than the current couples and mean girls. Howard, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Spencer and Judd did meet and agree to work together, but we will see how long this one lasts.

Big Brother Uncensored

For those of you with the live feeds who want to see some skin, here are some live feeds flashback times to explore:

  • Aaryn had a nip slip twice on 7/18 at 7:49 on Cam 1 and Cam 2
  • Jessie had a slip up as well 7/20 at 10:16a on Cam 3

If you have the live feeds you can use the DVR like flashback feature to see it.  If you do not have the feeds yet, simply take advantage of the Free Trial and see it see it in live action!  Click here to sign up now>>

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Screencaps (Click for Larger View)


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