Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 8 POV Results

Well it look likes one of Big Brother 16 fan’s favorite players is in trouble yet again. As you know, Frankie’s nominations of Caleb and Cody stood after the BOB.  Now we see who won the POV and the results of the POV ceremony.

Before you read on…go check out who the Zing bot caused drama with this week.

Zach and Frankie HOH

Big Brother 16 Spoiler – Week 8 POV Winner

  • Frankie won the POV.

Big Brother 16 Spoiler – Week 8 POV Ceremony Results

  • Frankie saved Caleb from the block
  • Frankie nominated Zach as his replacement

As I mentioned Zach appears to be in trouble. I have a feeling Zach is good for ratings so I would not be surprised to see Big Brother giving him some help to stay around. Worst case we know one houseguest is returning this week.

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