Big Brother Jordan: Best of Jordan from Big Brother 11

jeff and jordan kiss on cbsAs you know, with the Big Bother 13 “Double Trouble” twist 3 or more Dynamic Duos will be returning to the BB13 house this summer. We and others feel that it is given that Jeff and Jordan will be one of the duos to return. It is no secret that I was a huge fan of the Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd.

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For those of you who did not watch the Big Brother 11 season, I thought I would do a little best of Jordan from my archives.

BB11 Jordan Nipple Slip

Big Brother 11 Jordan Bathing Suit Top Falls Down. Oopsie!

This was one of the first naughty pics we posted here. So it has special place in my heart.

Big Brother Jordan Nip Slip on BBAD

Big Brother 11 Jordan Nipple Slip on BBAD!

Last season we had no Big Brother After Dark nude mishaps like more seasons.  Jordan did not disappoint in season 11.

Jeff and Jordan Kiss on Live Feed

Jeff and Jordan Kiss, about damn time.

BB11 fans know this was a long time coming.  There was a lot of excitement when this happened.

Big Brother Jeff and Jordan Kiss

Big Brother 11 Jeff and Jordan Kiss Again!

It was not long before they kissed again.  This one was much better.  Unlike Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan was a showmance you could stomach most of the time.

Big Brother Jordan Flash

Big Brother 11 Jordan Flashing the Camera!

This is the point we realized Jordan was not afraid show off her boobs.  She flashes the camera has her and Lauren walk down the stairs.

Jordan no bottoms

Big Brother 11 Nudity: Jordan goes bottomless!

She did little to hide from the Live Feeds cameras while changing this time.  There are several more screen caps of this on the post.

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