Big Brother Live Feeds FAQ

The real Big Brother doesn’t happen on CBS each week, it happens on the live feeds. I’m sure you’ve heard the hype about the live feeds but, you may still be wandering exactly what they are and why you need them.

What are Big Brother Live Feeds?

The live feeds give you 24/7 access to video streams from the cameras within the Big Brother house. With the feeds, you’re able to watch all of the Big Brother uncensored action in the house from your computer anytime. Even better, you can now watch the feeds on your Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad). These cameras capture the footage you see each week on CBS, but there is a big difference. The footage on the live feeds is uncensored footage, which means you’ll have access to the footage they can’t show you on TV. There is no editing and no censoring.

Watch Big Brother Live Feeds

How do the Big Brother Live Feeds work?

You just simply access the live feeds site from any major browswer.

You can now access the live feeds on your iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android (2.2 and up) devices.  This season the mobile feed is included with your subscription.

The live feeds allow you to watch footage from four cameras simultaneously. This means you can see the action from different parts of the house and even listen to conversations between the houseguests. You can even flashback to footage you missed and watch the footage from any time or day.

How do I watch on my iPad, iPhone or Android?

Live feeds subscribers can watch the Big Brother live feeds on most iOS or Android mobile devices at no additional charge.

There’s no need to download any app, CBS created a website that’s optimized for display on your mobile device. When you access the live feed site on your phone or tablet, the system will detect what device you’re using and will display the web pages built specifically for that device (and not the full website you would see on your PC or Mac).

How do I sign up for the Big Brother feeds?

It’s simple! Follow this link to sign up. For a limited time you can sign up for the full season plan for only $23.99!

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