Big Brother 13 House Living Room

Big Brother 13 House Theme and Pictures Revealed

As promised yesterday the Big Brother 13 Photos were revealed over night. I personally think it is one of the best looking houses ever. It does not seem to have an overly obvious theme like past seasons of Big Brother, but seems to a beach theme with surf boards and the such on the walls. […]

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Big Brother 13 Wildest Summer Ever

Big Brother 13: House Photos Release Tonight, Cast Thursday AM

We speculated last week the that the Big Brother 13 cast and house announcements would start tomorrow, it appears that we were right. Yahoo TV reported on twitter today that they will be releasing picturse of the new Big Brother 13 house tonight at midnight pacific time. For those of us on the east coast […]

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Big Brother 12 CBS

Big Brother 13 Cast, House, Fans, Producers, and Live Feeds

Random Big Brother 13 thoughts from I Hate Big Brother: Big Brother Cast – Please don’t suck; be fun, cause drama and get naked. Big Brother House – Have a “have not room” as horrid as Big Brother 11. 2 words: Shower Cam. Big Brother Fans – Watch every CBS Big Brother 13 episode, big ratings brings us Big […]

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Big Brother Crazy Twist

Big Brother 13 – Love it or Hate it? Probably Both!

I will let you in on a little secret. We do not really hate Big Brother. We actually love a lot about the show.  We love watching the competitions, the boobs (NSFW), the wangs, the hook ups, the fights and mostly getting to know the Big Brother Cast by stalking them 24/7 via the Live Feeds. We […]

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Happy Hour with Cheslia and Missy

Big Brother 13 Live Feed: Happy Hour with Chelsia Starts Today

Hello fellow Big Brother fans, and haters.  Can you believe we are just 14 days away from the Big Brother 13 premiere on July 7th, 2011?  Be excited. Chelsia Hart and Missy’s Happy Hour Starts Today: For those who are not slackers and signed up for the live feeds already, this afternoon will be a […]

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Robyn Kass Casting Tweet

Big Brother 13 Cast: When will the BB13 cast be announced?

Everyone is speculating about when we will be introduced to the Big Brother 13 Cast and get to see what the new house looks like.  If history is any indication, I am predicting we will get to see all the Big Brother 13 goods in one week, on June 28th. Thursday 6/30 at 9AM. Want […]

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Big 13 Brother Live Feeds: BB12 Highlights You Can Watch Now

I am getting a lot of questions from folks asking why they should hop on the Early Bird Live Feed Special now, instead of waiting closer to the start of the Big Brother 13 season.  I thought it was a good question, so here is what I came up with: Pre-Season Show Rumor Control – […]

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