Party Night in the Big Brother 14 House

We have great entertainment happening on the Live Feeds tonight. It is party time in the Big Brother 14 house.  For those of you who missed it live you can Flashback to 7/28 9.50pm BBT for the start of the crazy action.

  • Shane, Danielle, and the coaches had a sushi party in the backyard. Dan won the party during the coaches competition.
  • The remaining houseguests dressed up in costumes and started drinking to celebrate Wil’s 25th birthday.
  • Ian streaked through the house while holding a cowboy hat over his goodies.
  • A game of spin the bottle broke out. It started with a serious make out session with Ashley and Boogie.
  • Danielle and Shane kissed as part of the game (7/28 10:13 PM BBT Cam 1), and Danielle is now freaking out over it, asking everyone if it looked good. Shane is totally avoiding her now. It is wonderful.
  • Wil ended his birthday celebration by streaking out to the pool for a skinny dip. (Flashback to 7/28 10:32pm BBT)
  • Danielle changes in front of Britney and has a little slip up with her bra, oops.  (Flashback 7/28 10:44PM BBT Cam 1)

The partying is still happening so watch along now with your 3-Day Free Trial of the live feeds.

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