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cbs fuck up big brother 13 jordan

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Did CBS Accidentally Reveal Their Next Twist?

Some savvy Twitter folks noticed that CBS posted a new America’s Vote on the CBS official Big Brother 13 website. and most likely the next twist. Below is a screenshot of the vote that was quickly removed.  If this is indeed true, it look like we will have a chance to return someone to the house. It […]

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Big Brother 12 Week 6 Live Show Update: Better luck next time, you big dummy.

As expected Matt used the POV to save himself and nominated Kathy for eviction.  He was not able to nominate Brendon as HOH  or Ragan as POV.  He did however get a nice dig into Brendon with his “Better luck next time, you big dummy”  line. Britney is now the Big Brother 12 head of […]

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BB12 Ex-Fiance Candece

Candice: A Big Brother 12 Shimmering Highlight

I just ordered two lovely flower arrangements from and sent one to CBS and one to beautiful, amazing, wonderful Candice. Candice is the name of Brendon’s ex fiancé who was featured in Thursday’s episode of Big Brother.  And it was pretty amazing. Thank you CBS for going there.  You could have gone for family […]

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Rachel Upskirt Shot from CBS Live Show

Big Brother CBS Censors Rachel’s Crotch After HOH Competetion

….. for no reason.  I had several commentators say they came looking for a screen cap of Rachel’s HOH celebration, because on the recap of Thursday night’s CBS show, they blurred out Rachel’s crotch during her celebration.  Everyone thought there was a Rachel upskirt shot. When it was announced that she won, Rachel jumped up […]

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