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Brendon Wins POV

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 3 POV Competition Results

We revealed Queen Rachel’s Week 3 nominations from last night already.  We have another Big Brother 13 Spoiler for you now. The POV competition completed this afternoon.  The players again this week were Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, Adam and Dominic.  This week Dominic the Virgin was not able to save himself. Big Brother 13 Spoliers […]

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Rachel Hiding in Bushes

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel Makes Week 3 Nominations

Another busy Friday in the Big Brother 13 house.  We have a couple of  Big Brother 13 spoilers for you tonight.  Early today there was a Luxury Competition.  There will not be any have nots this week.  David Hasselhoff was the guest host of the competition.  The winner were Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, and Shelly. Their “reward” […]

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 2 POV Ceremony Results

No big surprises with this Big Brother 13 Spoiler.  Dominic saved himself and Adam with his Power of Veto. Jordan continued to do Rachel’s dirty work by putting Cassi and Shelly up on the block for eviction. Sadly, Cassi is going home this week. There is no way she is able to turn the house […]

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: POV Competition Week 2 Results

The Big Brother 13 Spoilers continue this weekend.  Jordan made her nominations yesterday and today the POV competition took place.  The vets had the numbers as Rachel and Brendon were chosen to play along side Jordan / Jeff and Dominic / Adam. The live feeds just came back after the competition and the house guests are going crazy with […]

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Big Brother 13 Nominations Today

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan Makes Week 2 Nominations

Looks like Fridays are going to be a really busy day for Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Early today we revealed the Have Nots and America’s Choice food items for the week, now we have the nomination results.  For us loyal loser live feed watchers, the nomination choices by this week’s HOH Jordan came as no […]

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