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Big Brother 13: Insane Live Show Results, 2 Join Jury

Tonight’s Big Brother 13 eviction was crazy! Not one, but two house guests went home tonight in a fast forward style show. Kalia and Daniele were on the block for the first ecivtion. Here is how the house guests voted: Jordan: Daniele Porsche: Kalia Shelly: Kalia Rachel: Daniele Adam: Daniele This week’s first evicted house […]

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jeff week 7 big brother 13 pov winner

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 7 POV Competition Results

Things are about to get mixed up again in the Big Brother 13 house.  With Jeff making his nominations last night, a lot was on the line during today’s POV Competition.  Kalia and Porsche had the chance to save themselves, and Daniele was fighting to make sure she would not get put on the block as a replacement. […]

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porsche and kalia

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations and Have Nots

Last night we had our first Big Brother 13 Spoiler for the week by giving you the results of the HOH Endurance Competition, tonight we give you the normal Friday night spoilers for nominations and have nots. From the best we can tell Jeff was given a card and told to chose 3 have nots […]

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Jeff in HOH

Big Brother 13 Spoiler: Week 7 HOH Endurance Winner

Here we go with another weekend of Big Brother 13 Spoilers.  Some of you followed along as we detailed the HOH endurance from the live feeds tonight, for those of you who could not here are the results.  Here are some great pics from the comp. Big Brother 13 Spoiler – Week 7 HOH Endurance […]

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Big Brother 13 Lawon Nominated

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 POV Ceremony Results & Craziness

What a crazy past 24 hours in the Big Brother 13 house.  Yesterday I said it was just normal boring weekend on the live feeds, of course it gets crazy in the house right after I posted that. I will let you use the flashback feature on the live feeds to watch for yourself, and […]

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jeff wins pov week 5

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 POV Competition Results

Only a couple of hours after last night’s nomination ceremony, Kalia came out of the diary room announcing that it is time to pick the POV Players.  Us Live Feed watchers speculated that it meant there would be a late night POV competition.  That never did materialize, but the competition was held earlier that usual […]

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