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Rachel and Jordan Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 8 Nomination Ceremony Results

We had a big surprise earlier today with the Pandora’s Box twist reveal, but no real surprises on the Week 8 nominations. HOH Porsche has made the choice most thought she would. Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 8 Nominations Rachel and Jordan are nominated for eviction. Want to see the real show? Get the live feeds […]

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Big Brother 13 Shelly in Confinment (1)

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 POV Competition Results

We love the weekends of the live feeds, because it is full of Big Brother 13 Spoilers!  This week got an extra spoiler due to the HOH not being played live on Thursday night.  We revealed the week 6 Head of Household to you  late Thursday night.  Then last night we told you who Dani […]

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Weekend Update, Jordan Shaves Bikini Line

Once we get the rush of Big Brother 13 Spoilers on Friday with the nominations results and Saturday with the POV competition spoilers, things tend to slow down a bit. There is still much game play happening on the live feeds and general Big Brother activities.  Meaning a lot of laying around, talking, sun tanning, […]

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big brother 13 jeff yelling

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations and Have Nots

Well Friday night brings us lots of Big Brother 13 Spoilers.  Last night on the live eviction show we learned who the week 5 HOH is and about the latest twist.  Tonight’s spoilers includes the nominations and have not competition results. Right before the nominations ceremony, Jeff and Jordan went up to the HOH to talk with Kalia.  She revealed […]

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brendon and rachel nominiations big brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 4 POV Ceremony Results

I will add more commentary later, but wanted to get the results posted.   We have known the results of the POV Competition since Saturday and there has been much speculation as to if Brendon would actually use the POV to save Rachel.  As of this morning, we had every indication that he would.  The other houseguests […]

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Brendon Wins POV

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 3 POV Competition Results

We revealed Queen Rachel’s Week 3 nominations from last night already.  We have another Big Brother 13 Spoiler for you now. The POV competition completed this afternoon.  The players again this week were Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, Adam and Dominic.  This week Dominic the Virgin was not able to save himself. Big Brother 13 Spoliers […]

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Updates: Branchel Fight, Cassi Still Hot

With no CBS shows for the last 2 days, it has been slow in the Big Brother 13 world.  We have given you the spoilers for POV show tomorrow night, so really the next excitement will come on Thursday night’s live eviction show. Rachel and Brendon Fight, Again It might be slow news day for Big Brother […]

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