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Big Brother 12 Just the Tip

Big Brother 12: Housguests Talk Show “Just the Tip”

The Big Brother 12 Season has been bleak. The houseguests can’t stop pleasing each other, the evictions are all predictable, and the brawls are few and far between.  However over the last three days a glimmer of intriguing sunlight has peaked on the Live Feeds through the dark clouds of boredom. This light is called […]

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Big Brother 12 Nude: Kathy’s turn to show some shower boob.

Do you have Twitter? Follow us @ihatebigbrother to be the first know when we post new Big Brother nudes. You can view our Twitter page here. I will be honest, I could have went my whole life never seeing this woman, much less her boobs.  Surprisingly, I get a lot of request for this bore […]

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Meet the Big Brother 12 Houseguest from the Early Show

I shamelessly stole this video from  Big Brother Gossip.  We will give some comments on the new house guest soon.  Let us know your thoughts! The 13 HGs names are Rachel, Kristen, Britney, Monet, Hayden, Brendon, Andrew, Enzo, Kathy, Annie, Matt, Lane, and Ragan. Like what you see from the new cast?  Take advantage the […]

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