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saboteur places note

Big Brother 12: I’ll have a saboteur, on the rocks, with a twist…or not.

There are good twists and there are bad twists. An example of a good twist is Bruce Willis discovering he’s been dead the whole time at the end of Sixth Sense. Not many people saw that coming the first time they saw the movie, it took people by surprise, it got your min spinning, and […]

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Big Brother 12 Stretching

Big Brother 12 Week 6 Nominations Are In

The live feeds just came back after the nominations ceremony.  Brendon has nominated Lane and Ragan for eviction this week. Right before nominations Brendon told Britney that she would be nominated.  She begged him not too put her up.  Apparently she was very convincing. Ragan just cannot understand why Brendon would nominate him.  I think […]

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Big Brother 12 Just the Tip

Big Brother 12: Housguests Talk Show “Just the Tip”

The Big Brother 12 Season has been bleak. The houseguests can’t stop pleasing each other, the evictions are all predictable, and the brawls are few and far between.  However over the last three days a glimmer of intriguing sunlight has peaked on the Live Feeds through the dark clouds of boredom. This light is called […]

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Meet the Big Brother 12 Houseguest from the Early Show

I shamelessly stole this video from  Big Brother Gossip.  We will give some comments on the new house guest soon.  Let us know your thoughts! The 13 HGs names are Rachel, Kristen, Britney, Monet, Hayden, Brendon, Andrew, Enzo, Kathy, Annie, Matt, Lane, and Ragan. Like what you see from the new cast?  Take advantage the […]

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